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Diamond Realty Management Voted as “Real Estate Debt Fund Manager of Year,
Asia-Pacific” in Private Debt Investor Awards 2016


Diamond Realty Management Inc. participated in the Private Debt Investor Awards 2016, and was voted

as the Real Estate Debt Fund Manager of the Year, Asia-Pacific by readers.

This is the second time for Diamond Realty Management to win this award since 2013.





The company has won the award for two private funds specializing in mezzanine debts – DREAM

Mezzanine Debt Fund IV and DREAM Mezzanine Debt Fund V — which the company launched in 2016.


For overviews of these two funds, visit the following websites:


Launch of DREAM Mezzanine Debt Fund IV (the total of equity investment commitment amounting to

about approximately 20 billion yen) http://mc-dream.com/news/649.html


Launch of DREAM Mezzanine Debt Fund V (the total of equity investment commitment amounting to

18.5 billion yen) http://mc-dream.com/news/678.html




Diamond Realty Management will continue providing private real estate funds and mezzanine debt funds

— by leveraging our edge as an asset manager being part of the Mitsubishi Corporation Group, a leading

trading and investment company in Japan — to institutional investors both in Japan and overseas in an

effort to fulfill its role of a financial mediator between real estate assets and investors.




Corporate overview:

– Head office: 16-1, Hirakawacho 2-chome, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

– Business services: Sales of private real estate funds/real estate management business/advisory & consulting services

– Capital: wholly owned by Mitsubishi Corp.

– President and CEO: Takashi Tsuji

– Established: October 15, 2004

– Number of employees: 68 (as of the end of December 2016)




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– This press release is not aimed at providing investment and fund management services or soliciting

investors to buy specific financial instruments. Furthermore, Diamond Realty Management does not use

this press release to solicit investors to buy funds or other financial instruments carried in this document.

– Diamond Realty Management does not guarantee or promise that descriptions in this press release

estimating, predicting or projecting on future matters or expressing views will accord with actual results.


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